Defining Type Poster

The goal of the ‘Defining Type’ project was to create nine individual modules, each describing a different aspect of typography. Each module must be able to stand on its own, yet still work as part of the greater whole. I chose to focus primarily on anatomical characteristics, and used flat shapes and a limited colour palette in order to tie the designs together.

Grids Infographic

This infographic was developed in two stages. The first stage involved building the normal, poster-sized infographic (as seen left). The second stage was to take that existing design, and reformat it to display optimally on tablet- and smartphone-sized devices.

The final design is built upon the ideas of reversed-out type on a simulated, textured Prussian Blue background, to emulate a blueprint. In addition, I assigned specific neon colours to each individual sector, to provide emphasis to important details.

Komorebi Water Campaign

My design is built around a fictitious bottled water company, Komorebi Water. I chose a Japanese theme because wanted to experiment with with the exquisite pictorial nature of Japanese typography.

After several experiments with photography, I ended up creating a digital water-like texture for my hero element, keeping in line with the clean edges and bright white background.