Calendar Design

This project takes a typical calendar, and represents it in a new way. After considering the problem, I came up with an intuitive tri-fold design. The lower panels include an orderly display of the days of the month, while the upper panel includes an ever-evolving Art Nouveau design. With the opening of each new panel, the design changes, and a 13-point grid system ensures that the designs remain linked.

The sheets were printed with ink on cardstock, hand-trimmed, and glued together with non-toxic rubber cement. A matte black dust cover completes the piece.

I assigned each month its own colour, and each colour blends into the previous month, creating a smooth transition across the year. I used the typeface Optima exclusively, for its elegance and sophistication.

Lava Lamp Illustration

For this project I took the iconic design of the Lava Lamp, and illustrated it in three distinct styles.

For the top-left illustration, the entire shape (as well as the lettering) is formed from one unbroken line, with a splash of digital watercolour for the lava. The top-right illustration is more traditional, with a mix of pencil, digital spray-paint, and digital watercolour. The final bottom-centre piece is rendered exclusively in geometric shapes, with the digital watercolour background adding depth to the otherwise entirely flat piece.