For the past 2+ years, I have been the web developer, designer, videographer, and artistic director of RITʼs ASLCORE Project.

ASLCORE is an attempt to address the gaps in ASLʼs lexicon when addressing technical material, often found in higher education. This is done through a team of Deaf sign masters consulting with one or more content experts to conceptualize and develop visually representative and linguistically accurate signs. These new signs are then recorded and displayed online, available to anyone to use and work from.

In 2016 I joined the project and assumed responsibility for recording these signs. I’ve recorded over 2,000 new videos for the project since then, including dozens of supplemental expansion videos, intended to further explain the academic concept in question.

In addition to recording the video content for the project, While I didn’t design the logo itself, Iʼve also assumed a number of other responsibilities, including footage management, brand design, content releases, and web development.

When the project began, the sign content created was specifically for Philosophy. Since then, the project has grown to include 8 branches, including literature, biology, engineering, and art. With the project growing so quickly, it became clear a new platform would be needed to best share the content with the world.

To this end, I designed, coded, and continue to develop a custom web framework for our website, aslcore.org. This custom framework scales with our new branch and content additions, as well as includes a number of other specialized features, such as a personalized feedback form, update log, favoriting system, and search system.

The site is written in PHP, HTML5, and JavaScript/jQuery.