Hello! My name is Kai Pepler. Iʼm a designer and developer, working primarily in higher education. I graduated with honors from Nazareth college in 2018 with a degree in visual communication design.

I design across a wide range of mediums, including web design and development, animation, photography, videography, illustration, and typography, although my speciality is in presentation design. Iʼve been creating trendsetting animated presentations for almost a decade, and my presentations have been used internationally at academic conferences in North America, France, Scotland, and Turkey.

I was the artistic director for RITʼs ASLCORE project, shooting over 2,000 videos for the project, and the site I've developed to present the content has recieved hundreds of thousands of views across over 100 countries. Find out more about ASLCORE.

I currently work as the visual / interactive UI designer for STRATZ, LLC., developing site layouts, graphics, and user interface elements for STRATZ.com, one of the top esports analytics websites for the popular game Dota 2. Find out more about STRATZ.

Thanks for visiting my site! You can see more of my work here, or connect with me to see what we can create together!